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Staff Profiles

Hi people! I am Raissa, Brazilian, student and warrior.
I’ve arrived in Melbourne to learn a new language and make a dream come true, but I came across this city that won my heart and made me dream even higher.
With the unfortunate arrival of Coronavirus, as many others, I am experiencing great difficulties and without my job I am not managing to sustain my dream.
I have faith. I count on your help to survive these difficult times.
Thank you with all my heart.

Hi ☺️ My name is Jess and I’ve been a cycling cleaner for about three years now.
When I’m not spinning pedals or shining metals I study Auslan, walk my cat, propagate cuttings and practise sign language at my cat. I think a lot about accessibility, waste reduction and weird social practices.
My job is important to me because I love being active, helping people keep their homes beautiful and having an ethical workplace.

Ruby is a geography student who loves conservation projects in the mountains. She spends weekends bushwalking, rock climbing, or making crafts.

Heya I’m Dyani and i’ve worked with Miss V for a few years now. I am a single mum with three kids. I have recently taken on kindship care of a fourth, who was in dire need of some love and support.

I’m trained as a metal smith and jeweller which is my creative outlet. But running a home with four kids needs a stable income and focus, which means running my own business is on hold for now. Sooooo I clean your lovely homes for a regular crust. I really love my job and Miss V is hands down the loveliest boss I’ve ever worked for. The business is super wholesome and Vanessa supports my very inflexible home life superbly. Thanks to all of you who give us work and for your personal support over the years. This is a very confronting and tough time for all of us and I’m sending out vibes of good health and calm.
Big hugs D.

Hi my name is Jennyfer, I was born in Brazil, but my parents are from Japan. I like being with my friends and family in my free time. Here in australia I have few friends, my boyfriend and my dog, so when I have some free time I call my family by FaceTime, I miss them so much. I love animals, they are amazing! I’ve been living abroad for the last 5 years, so I like new experiences and discovering new cultures and places.

Hi, my name is Steph. I am a visual artist , my work ranges from small illustrations to large scale murals. I also travel internationally for art projects, which is very fulfilling. I absolutely love animals and i dream of having an animal rescue one day.

Hi! I’m T, and I’m proud to be part of the wonderful team at Miss V. I’m studying psychology, I’m interested in how we relate to each other, ourselves, and the world around us. Working with non-toxic products makes me feel good about taking care of the planet, and taking care of our health!

Hello people, I am Melina.
I am a colombian student who got here to improve her English level and get to be an exceptional teacher. My story here is a mixture of new experiences since I had never been abroad and a love story becauae my partner had traveled long before I did.
Here, I was lucky enough to find a job in which I get to share with awesome and passionate people I really admire.This is a really tough time for all of us and being away from home is an extra to all of it. My family and friends are locked down and the situation is getting really bad in our country, but staying positive and don’t give up is the most important. For now, what we can do is to support each other, continue working as hard as possible to mitigate the virus effects and learn the lesson this world is trying to teach us.

Hi, I am Monisha and I am super glad to be part of the Miss V team because of its values and pragmatic actions in treading gently on planet earth. It’s a team which equally cares about their clients and cohort.
I intend to save up and eco build a tiny house and to grow healthy, non-toxic veges and raise some chooks:)

Hi I’m Aimee-Lee! Born in Melbourne, qualified Interior designer, and currently studying Landscape design. I have always had a love for styling, and organising spaces, so I do love cleaning and representing Miss V.
I also enjoy styling with second hand and sustainable fashion pieces; I love the search of finding something special.
I love animals and working towards a greener world and preserving nature, so working with non-toxic products is a no-brainer 🙂

Hi I’m Maria!
I’m a student from Brazil and besides being a cleaner at Miss V, I’m also an Actor, Clown and Drama Teacher. Playing with children is one of my favourite things in life. When I’m not making things shiny, I’m working with children, art and conservation at Melbourne Zoo. With the time I have left in this busy student life, I’m working on my Clown show with other fellow idiots. I’ve been working hard so I can start my masters of teaching next year at ACU. I want to be recognised as a Teacher in Australia, so I can practice here that profession I love so much.

Hello! My name is Luiza. I’m Brazilian, from a small city of São Paulo called Jacarei. I studied Economics in my country because I really love numbers and how they are associated with the universe and human life. Furthermore, my passion is cooking and here I’m having the opportunity to study it as well and beautifully upgrade my knowledge. Luckily, I’m having the chance to be part of MissV, which is not only a company but a family that really takes care of you. Being here in Australia, I’ve learned a lot about living, changing, growing and experiencing. As long as I can, I’ll encourage people around me to do the same: go and live abroad for a while. Change your job, make new friends, be a better person, see everything from a different point. Then, you will be able to really be yourself, the way you have never thought you could.

I’m Alison. I moved to Melbourne from Sydney to study my masters in Architecture about two years ago. I’m particularly interested in sustainable design and have been recently involved in an exciting project which looks at turning Melbourne into a self-sufficient city by 2030.
When I’m not working on architecture/design related things I like to do a bit of urban foraging around Brunswick, going rock climbing and getting out in the fresh air.

My name is Dan. I’m an artist who mainly works with ceramics, and a proud Miss V crew member.
In February of this year and in order to challenge my art practice, I moved from my hometown of Toowoomba, Queensland to Melbourne. It was time for a change and 2020 is certainly delivering as a time of uncertainty and adaptation.
For looking at my art stuff: or head to Instagram @danelborne.
For now: stay strong, safe, kind and clean ✊

My name is Janine, I am a German artist and since a decade home in Melbourne. I have a passion for music, books and pens

Hi, this is Lee, I’m into visible textiles mending, sustainable living, reducing waste & camping. I love natural landscapes n the feeling of peace n wellness they create in me. I choose to work for Miss V because we share similar values. Since I’ve been with the business I’ve met amazing people n hope to see you soon. Take my lead, wash your hands & stay home.

Hi, I’m Andrew.
I’m a local Victorian, having grown up just outside Melbourne in Warrandyte. For nearing two years while finishing off my Bachelor of Information Technology at La Trobe University, I’ve had the great fortune to be a part of the excellent team at Miss V’s. When I’m not busying about on my degree or working hard to keep our client’s spaces spick and span, I’m spending quality time with my wife and our two dogs. I’m very active and love rock climbing and exploring this majestic land around us that we are so fortunate to have at our doorstep, here in Melbourne. Unfortunately for us all, the world has kind of been put on pause for the time being. However, we’re all in this together and together is how we will ultimately get through this period of tumultuous uncertainty. Hopefully, by bearing through a time of sacrifice we can help those less fortunate and more vulnerable than ourselves. So, stay safe and stay positive, masks on, sanitisers at hand; onward we march!