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Window cleaning


abode window cleaner Ive been trialing some different window cleaners of late. I do have many people ask whats the easiest way for a streak free shine. We often use just vinegar or a little CITRON dish washing detergent with warm water. Or if using a squeegee, a squirt of CITRON in a bucket of hot water. The key I find is to…

1) Have a high quality cloth (Im constantly trialing new cloths and trying to figure out good systems to make them last!) If you have a great cloth, often water or vinegar will be enough to get things sparkling. Im talking mirrors and insides of your windows or shower screens. The outside windows get dirty. So if your doing them by hand, give them a good scrub down with a gentle scouring pad and soapy water (use a non toxic dish washing detergent), get the excess water and dirt off and only use your glass cloth for finishing. Glass cloths dont work so well when they are really wet. Using a scrubbing pad will removal all those bug poo spots (technical name!) You can also use a very fine steel wool for sticky spots or a razor blade to gently scrape tape etc.

2) Using a squeegee. If your going to use a squeegee-which is preferred for those dirty window exteriors. Use a quality one and check the rubber blade regularly. The hot tip for using this method is to keep contact with the window as much as possible. Lots of little motions will cause drips and smears.

3) Find a great chemical free solution. I cant tell you how many times Ive been in a supermarket or watched people at cafes or shops spraying there windex liberally. GAG!! There are other things that work. I realize sometimes vinegar isnt enough, sometimes you need more grunt with less effort. Not everyone has the time to make and experiment with home made cleaners and that’s ok. The last week or so Ive been trying Abodes window cleaner. Its a great price. Around $4.80-$6..depending on where you get it from. Available from health food, wholefood, organic type shops. Its Australian and I like where they’re coming from. So the verdict…its works really well. I set myself a big challenge and cleaned all the windows that I could access in a two story large house. Inside and out all by hand. Needless to say my right arm was aching but I was pleased with the ease of clean. And cleaning windows is so satisfying. It makes everything feel so much cleaner! It doesn’t particularly smell like anything. So I think would be great for food outlets. The ingredients are plant and mineral based, petrochemical free. The packaging is ok. Its not particularly pretty for your benchtops…but hey,just put it in the cupboard. So a big thumbs up. Ive actually bought another bottle as I used it all up on my window challenge. I dont sell this but Im looking into the range for possibilities in the future.

Ive also tried out Murchison Hume and Methods glass cleaners…more reviews coming soon. Happy cleaning