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Succulent, Cacti and Indoor plants!

Exciting times! We have extended our wares to Cacti, Succulent and Indoor plants. The studio is looking amazing and I fear I may never want to leave! We are open on Fridays and Saturdays now 9:30-4pm. Stock will change depending on availability and whether I decide to take everything home with me…. Its been a crazy busy year. I cant believe its…

teapot before

Tea stains and Magic Sponge

Im on a roll with before and afters. Ive got a stock pile and had no time to upload them! I couldn’t help myself but give this teapot a little Magic Sponge action. If your having troubles getting tea or coffee stains out of cups & mugs, Magic Sponge works a treat. Stains easily wipe off. Amazing. Yes. That’s why its called…

oven after door

Oven Fantastic!

I know, I know its another oven clean before and after…but hey they have the most impact! This one in particular had a super reflective door once I was finished with it. Oooohhh the excitement of seeing your own reflection in a job well done. We cleaned this oven, and house to prepare for Auction. Its a beautiful home in Thornbury. If…